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Tankless Hot Water Heater

Are tankless hot water heaters on your home improvement to-do list? Maybe they should be…Imagine waking up every day and experiencing an endless supply of hot water to your shower while you are also running the dishwasher.  Or being able to start a laundry cycle...

Things to Do in Everett WA

Everett may be the unofficial “coolest” place to visit in the Puget Sound area.  Each neighborhood in Everett has its own special charm and appeal, with a variety of things to do for kids, families, or independent adventurers.  Events and activities ranging from...

40 Plumbing Tips and Tricks for Everett

Part of owning a home or commercial space includes the responsibility to educate yourself on the way the mechanical systems in your home function on a basic level, to make sure you are keeping up on maintenance, or knowing when you need repairs.  Sometimes, it’s a...

Things to Do in Marysville WA

 What do we love about Marysville?  Being a plumbing company gives us the opportunity to work in neat parts of the city, visit hidden gems while we are enroute or between service calls, and really get to know the owners of these businesses.  As previous residents in...

To Flush, or Not To Flush | What Can You Flush Down The Toilet?

When you are standing there… watching that icky water level rise… and rise… and not go down… and then, OVERFLOW onto your bathroom floor… and you wonder “what did I flush down the toilet that caused this?” Sometimes, using a plunger can clear your clog, but sometimes,...